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Covid-19 Statement

The continued rise of COVID-19 in the UK has already has a significant impact both personally and professionally to us all.

We have already implemented many changes within Your Land Partner to protect the health of our team, partners, clients and the wider community.

We are fortunate enough that changes such as remote working hasn’t disrupted our operations to much and we are still to provide a great service and continuity with those we are working with.

Following government advice, we have;

- Cancelled all business travel and urged our team to restrict their personal travel to essential trips. - Cancelled all face to face meetings with our partners, clients, and associates. - Cancelled all pre-arranged meetings with potential new clients. - Instructed the team to work from home. - Moved all meetings online.

Whilst we are working remotely it is still business as usual. During this time, we are able to;

- Conduct virtual meetings with current and prospective clients and partners. - Support other businesses through these uncertain times. - Have regular phone calls. - Continue working across all of our business interests ensuring progress is still maintained.

Like you all, we continue to monitor events and we will follow guidelines set by the government.

This pandemic is affecting lives and businesses all over the globe, and although currently the direct impact to our operations is fairly minimal, we are fully aware that it will affect our overall supply chain, as we deal with other businesses, and organisations that are also impacted. We anticipate timelines for certain aspects to increase, but we will continue to work hard and offer support where we can.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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