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We are taking a collaborative approach to tackling housing delivery, affordability & sustainable development. By working directly with landowners, investors, and the Local Authority, we are gaining planning consents, building homes and improving communities. We identify and secure sites, obtain the right planning consents, market sites for sale, or develop out schemes in areas with a need for new development or redevelopment.

We are committed to creating and sharing great value through fair partnerships by bringing together and slotting into place the pieces of the complex puzzle that is land, planning and development. 

Our Services

Building Plans
Construction Engineer
Go Team
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Land Promotion

Using our own capital and expertise, we work with land owners to unlock the potential in their land by achieving planning consent.

Land Buying & Development

Working with local delivery partners and contractors, we can provide certainty of sale at market rates to land owners by becoming the purchaser of schemes pre and post planning. 

Joint Ventures

Working together will often result in greater returns for landowners. We work in partnership with landowners through the planning, build and exit of schemes to maximise landowners returns.


As well as developing sites ourselves and with partners, we are also have a large network of developers and investors across the country. If we come across land that does not work for us, or we feel a better deal for the owners can be achieved with a third party then we can advise and assist owners to successfully sell the land/building to a credible buyer.

If you own land, and want to unlock

its value...

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