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Purchase or Sale

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Our collaborative approach ensures landowners receive the optimal value for their land.

Working together with the land owner, we use our expertise, experience and our own capital to achieve planning consent for residential and/or commercial developments that adds a great deal of value to the land, and great value to the local area.

Using a Promotion Agreement, the landowner carries no financial risk, with the land promoter (Your Land Partner) funding the whole process in exchange for a share of the uplift in value.

This approach creates a true win:win with everyone aligned to achieving the best possible result.


As a family run business building great relationships are very important to us. Following an initial call with a member of the land team, we will organise an informal meeting to connect and discuss how we can work together.


Once we have had an initial meeting, and feel that there is a good fit to work together, the YLP team will assess the land in more detail, looking at the planning potential and constraints. If the land has sufficient potential, we will discuss entering into a Promotion Agreement.


A second meeting is arranged to discuss the details of entering into a Promotion Agreement and sign Heads of Terms. All the costs involved with obtaining planning permission on the land are covered by Your Land Partner in return for a share of the profits from the increase in land value. We will typically take a share of between 20-30% depending on individual site circumstances. It is in our interest to optimise the land value as much as possible in order to receive our share. If the land owner makes more, Your Land Partner makes more. 


Our in house team of planning experts will start work on the planning strategy and begin to compile the relevant documentation for planning. This will likely involve early input from the Local Planning Authority to give us the best chance possible of a successful application. The project team will be put together and scheme designs created and reviewed. The landowner is continually updated during this process. 

Step 3a - APPEAL

For a number of reasons, not all planning applications will be accepted straightaway. If the planning application is refused, this isn't something to worry about as it is strategised at the beginning. Our team have decades of experience going through the appeal process.

Step 4 - CONSENT

Once planning permission is granted, firstly a celebration is in order prior to moving the site through the final stage of achieving a sale to realise the uplift in value. The marketing strategy will have been determined prior to permission being consented.

Step 5 - SALE

Your Land Partner offer the unique option of becoming the end purchaser of the land, offering certainty and simplicity to the land owner. This option will be discussed at the earliest possible stage during the planning process. If a YLP purchase isn't the preferred route, then we will offer the site on the open market, attracting multiple offers to ensure the best price is paid. 

"We work with you, not for you."

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