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Lasting Positive Impact

What long term impact will Covid-19 have on what we build and how we live?

It’s fair to say there will be lasting social and economic effects as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Lives lost, businesses lost, financial losses, and much more felt across the world, but has self-isolation, social distancing and the way we currently live opened our eyes, and the door, to bring about positive change for the future?

I don’t know about you but I for one have certainly enjoyed life at a slower pace, enjoyed taking time out to think, to breathe, to contemplate. I’ve enjoyed less traffic, which has resulted in less pollution, I’ve enjoyed spending quality time with my wife Sarah and our 4-month-old son Leo, watching him learn and grow, and I’ve enjoyed exploring new business ideas and operations that will change the housing industry.

Self-isolation has really highlighted to me that your home is your sanctuary. Your home is a place of safety and security.

So, what can we learn from the way we are living today and improve how we will live tomorrow and beyond?

From a business perspective it is about finding a balance between what is financially viable to build and what features (in and out of the home, and in the wider community) can be included that will have the biggest positive impact.

Are end users looking for more functionality? More efficiency? Automation? Lower bills?

Are end users going to do more from home in light of current events? Will we see the home office become as important as the number of bedrooms for example? Will we see the more people deserting the gym, opting to workout at home instead?

Ultimately if we can identify what the market wants and needs, plan ahead, continually review and make incremental changes then we will ensure that what we are building has a lasting impact on individuals, families, businesses and communities.

Lasting positive change requires collaboration and commitment.


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