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Prism is our mechanism for working with private investors and funders.

We use prism to assess an investors requirements and place their funds within the spectrum of property projects we are involved with that meet their criteria. 

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Protecting and maximising assets is at the core of what we do, whether that be working with a landowner to increase the value of their land, or working with investors and funders to place their hard earned funds into projects. 

Introducing PRISM...

Prism is our fundraising methodology to ensure investment money is placed in the right projects based on what the investor is looking to achieve. 

YLP are involved in a number of collaborations with proven property partners across the UK, as well as our own projects. These partnerships and projects offer investors a spectrum of investment opportunities with differing levels of risk, returns, timescales, security and minimum investment amount. 


If you are a sophisticated investor, High Net Worth individual ​or fund and are looking for investment opportunities with experienced professionals then we'd love to explore working together. 

P - Project Profile

Fill in our Prism Investor Form, answering questions and providing information that will help us suggest investment opportunities that may work for you.

R - Risk Profile

We assess all completed Prism Investor Forms and look at available or up coming investment opportunities from YLP or YLP affiliated businesses. 

I - Investment Amount

A proposal is put together containing any investment opportunities that we feel match up to your criteria. These projects are then discussed in detail to ensure the option you are choosing is right for everyone involved.  

S - Security

If a suitable match up is found, all the relevant paperwork is drawn up, objectives and expectations are clearly laid out, funds transferred and investment initiated. 

M - Management

For the duration of the investment term regular progress reports and updates are provided to investors, funds are then repaid with interest or possibly recycled in other suitable projects. 

"Providing a safe pair of hands for your hard earned funds."

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